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I’m just finishing up a 10 day stay at Allwyn’s and Jencys Homestay and it surpassed all expectations. First of all, the owners are super kind and gracious people. They both went out of their way to make sure that I had a wonderful stay, which I DID! They spend most of the day preparing the most delicious Southern Indian food you’ll ever eat. Normally for dinner there was never less than 8 different courses. All freshly prepared, full of flavor and served with love. There’s bikes available to us free of charge anytime you want to go for a ride or explore the local village. If you want to go to the beach, they provide mats and shade and the walk is less than 5 minutes. If you want to get Aryuvedic treatments, Allwyn has a great connection who lives nearby. I got a few massages while I was here and the guy was the real deal. I didn’t leave the property that much because it’s such a relaxing place that I quite enjoyed staying around and reading near the pool. The rooms are extremely comfortable and they have both a fan and a/c. There’s also cool outdoor showers which are perfect in this tropical environment. The property is filled with lush green tropical plants. Lots of wildlife that sings you awake in the mornings. I highly highly recommend staying here if you plan to visit Kerala. Thank you to both of my wonderful hosts. I’m deeply grateful for the amazing place you have created 🙏
Lucas U.S.A
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